Breaking Bad dialed it back a notch last week, which meant it toned down from "seizure-inducing" to "cardiac arrest."

With Hank put out of commission by the Cousins, Walt spent plenty of quality time with his family. Unfortunately, that meant less "game of Parcheesi" than "wrangling Marie's freak-outs" in a hospital waiting room. At least it gave Marie's actress a clip come Emmy season.

Meanwhile, out-patient Jesse was introduced to Gus' magical meth factory — right in front of Gale, who wore a spurned-girlfriend look of shock the entire time.

Distracted by Hank's situation, Walt left Jesse to twiddle his thumbs in the lab, which didn't go unnoticed by Gus. With Gus unsatisfied with Walt's excuses, Los Pollos Hermanos donated a whole bunch of fried chicken to the hundreds of DEA agents waiting for Hank's recovery, allowing Gus an opportunity to check-in. If only all employee reviews involved a bucket of cholesterol.

Cousin #1 — aka Crushed Legs — didn't die. When he caught sight of Walt's mug staring into his hospital room, he went all Terminator and crawled his way toward the window. By the end of the episode, he'd reached his expiration date, and went the way of Tuco and his brother.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Gus organized and successfully executed an elaborate scheme to assassinate the head of the Mexican cartel? Details, details.

Now that Gus has gone from small-time crook to Lex Luthor, will Walt notice the change? Now that Gus has seen Walt's entire family, is there some serious blackmail in store? Now that has Hank pulled through his emergency surgery, will he be thwarted by a heart attack from a Pollos Hermanos double-down? Gus works in mysterious ways.

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