In the spirit of Internet Week NY, the 2010 Webutante Ball is a celebration of the New York tech scene. In partnership with TechiesGiveBack, 100% of ticket proceeds will go directly to City Harvest's 'Skip Lunch, Fight Hunger' campaign.

The Details:

The 2010 Webutante Ball
June 8th, 2010, 7pm to midnight
289 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10001
Cocktail Attire: 21+

Other highlights from the 2010 Webuante Ball: Open bar and beverages provided by SVEDKA, Brooklyn Brewery, and Pepsi; 100% of ticket proceeds go directly to charity; Photo booth by celebrity photographer Diana Levine; Special guest DJs A2D; Virtual Twitter drawing with dozens of prizes!

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Prom Committee

The 2010 Webutante Ball Prom Committee is a handpicked cross-section of the personalities that make the New York City web scene great. From the brilliant to the outlaw, the 2010 Prom Committee embodies the spirit of Internet Week New York, and celebrates the city's crazy cast of Internet famous (and Internet infamous) characters.

Master of Ceremonies: Dennis Crowley, founder of FourSquare
2009 Webutante King and Queen: Amir Blumenfeld and Sarah Schneider, CollegeHumor
Nick Denton, founder of Gawker Media
Lockhart Steele, founder of the Curbed Network
Charles Forman, founder of OmgPop
David Karp, founder of Tumblr
Ben Lerer & Adam Rich, founders of Thrillist
Gary Vaynerchuk, founder and host of Wine Library.TV and author of Crush It!
Kari Ferrell, The Hipster Grifter
Dan Lyons, Fake Steve Jobs
Mark Mangan & Sascha Lewis, founders of Flavorpill
Josh Harris, star of We Live in Public
Julia Allison & Meghan Asha, NonSociety
Neil Vogel, founder of The Webbys
Rachelle Hruska, Editor-in-Chief of Guest Of a Guest
Nate Westheimer, NY Tech Meetup and AnyClip
Arthur Kade, Nominee for Gawker's Douche of the Decade
Katherine Oliver, Commissioner, Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre, and Broadcasting
Devorah Rose, Editor-in-Chief of Social Life Magazine and star of CW's High Society

This will be the hottest party on this side of the Passaic river, and it is for a great cause! All proceeds of the party go to City Harvest, a New York based charity that rescues food for those most in need. And remember kids, keep those hands north of the border when you're slow dancing to Jodeci. Parent chaperones will be in attendance to make sure there is no dirty dancing.

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Special thanks to everyone who made the Webutante Ball happen, including: Adam "The Party Broker" Grossman, who worked tirelessly to find the right venue for this year's event; Simon Kirk, Adam Gillman and Julia Levy of TechiesGiveBack, who helped find so many amazing sponsors to work together for such a good cause; Alison Flood, Robyn Caplan, Caroline Newman, Frank Cozzarelli, and Kirk Larsen who donated their ideas, hard work and inspiration. Thank you to DrivenEco for donating green luxury chauffeured transportation for special guests. Finally, thank you to the 2010 Webutante Ball Prom Committee-don't spike the punch, okay?

Sponsors of the 2010 Webutante Ball: