Last month, Donny Deutsch called Keith Olbermann 'angry' during his week-long stint as an MSNBC anchor. This enraged Olbermann, and MSNBC suits cut Deutsch's gig short. Today, Deutsch gave a commencement speech at Syracuse. He's still a little upset.

Says our tipster:

At s.i. Newhouse school of public communications( at Syracuse) graduation right now...

Donny Deutsch, giving convocation address said "fuck" drawing some laughter from the crowd. He then says "it's amazing I've never been thrown off the air."....referencing his time as host of the big idea

Then, clearly referencing his recent spat at MSNBC....

"Actually I have been thrown off the Air"

Seemed to fly over heads of most in the crowd

Oh, communications students. They literally do not understand anything.