On March 24, 2009, Toiletdude7 recorded himself flushing a Universal Rundle Atlas toilet and uploaded it to YouTube. Since then, he's uploaded more than 183 videos of toilets flushing. We spoke to ToiletDude7 about his unusual passion.

Toiletdude7's videos are shot first-person and usually feature a wordless survey of the bowl, the plumbing and the brand mark, then a flush. They are surprisingly not disgusting: "I'm not going to say all of my videos are perfect," he says on his profile. "There may be a little No. 1 or toilet paper in the toilet, but NO No.2." Toiletdude7's favorite brand is Gerber, and his favorite model "the older AquaSaver with the front flush." We first learned about ToiletDude7's YouTube channel on Reddit, and reached him through YouTube message.

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I'm 14, I live in Tennessee. I'm in the 8th grade going to the 9th and I have a sister.

So the obvious question is: Why toilets? When did you become interested, and when did you first start uploading videos to YouTube?

I became interested in them when I was little, I'd say about two or three. I started uploading videos a day before my birthday, March 24, 2009. My first toilet to put on Youtube was my Artesian toilet bowl which is now at the dump.

You say that the Gerber Ultraflush is the best pressurized toilet, and Gerber is your favorite brand. Why?

Because I like Gerber and there are a lot of their toilets around here, so I might as well grow to like them than hate them.

What makes a good flush? Is it the sound? The swirl?

A strong siphon action, and a good bowl wash.

I noticed a lot of your videos are taken outside. It looks like you're filling up toilets with a hose in your yard and flushing them. What are you doing with the toilets outside? Do you have a collection, or what? Just testing them?

Yes, I test them. I don't have a collection just yet because my parents won't let me.

What's the most unusual toilet you've found in the wild?

I haven't found one yet because they're all the same around here.

What's your opinion on "When it's yellow, let it mellow?"

It's alright with me, but I totally agree that "If it's brown, flush it down."

What do your friends and family think about your hobby? Do you tell girls about it?

My family supports me 100% on my hobby. But I don't like to tell anyone about it outside of my family.

Are there any developments in toilet technology that you're excited about?

None that I can think of, LOL.

What do you want to do when you grow up? Something toilet-related?

I plan to be a plumber.