The Republic of Buymoria is still rejoicing from the news that NBC renewed Chuck for another season. However there are some citizens of the fair land that are too distracted with nightmares of Superman to celebrate.

After two fairly light episodes, our beloved titular character started getting nightmares. It seems that after a few years residing in Chuck's brain, the Intersect is starting to malfunction and is messing with Bartowski's brain. Chuck sees seemingly random flashes of Shaw being shot and of an African ruler's top physician carrying a Ring plant in one of his teeth. Chuck ends up getting sent to a CIA mental institution for his trouble until he ends up being proven right when the top physician tries to murder him. Noted Oneirologist Doc Brown sent Chuck home only to have him dream of Shaw telling him he's still alive, proving once again that unless a character takes a bullet to the head, you should never assume he or she is deceased. Unless he just got a new show on USA.

As for the rest of Team Bartowski, Sarah tells Chuck that she loves him, again, while Morgan continues to mature at a clip that even Joseph Campbell would be impressed by, not to mention a visiting and ultimately turned down Anna Wu.

Justin followed Ellie home from Africa to make her paranoid about Casey and to try to draw her father to Burbank, which is going to set-up a big kerfuffle between computer mastermind Orion and the Ring for tonight and next week's two hour season finale."

Also if you can can I change my profile to say that Wendy's and television will be my downfall and not french new wave cinema? I come off as pretentious I think (and I'm too much of a Ted Mosby as it is). Thank you so much.

Roger Cormier writes for the television blog Shut Up It's On and at the Yay Sarcasm Tumblr Thing. His love of Wendy's and television will be the death of him.