Twitter changed the algorithm that determines which topics on the site are "trending," a move that knocked perennial favorites like Justin Bieber off the list. But America's littlest hackers are so obsessed with the mop-topped rocker they've already defeated it.

The new math behind the trending list rewards spikes in chatter rather than something that's been a constant topic of conversation. That would finally knock mainstay Bieber off the list that appears on the right-hand side of Twitter pages. What's there right now? "Twieber" and "Jieber," the star's name camouflaged under new names by his rabid and riotous fans. Since the words are new, the burst of tweets from girls on smart phones bored in geography class is registering with Twitter's new trending-topics-finding robot. And now the singer has two spots on the list rather than just one. Way to piss off your base and make things worse, Twitter.

The Jieber name seems to stem from a jab the Jonas Brothers made against Bieber a few weeks ago, and also explains why Jick Nonas is a trending topic. Did this little feud come at an opportune time or did a legion of well-organized little girls get together and jack the system? Who knows, but we just can't wait until the nicknames get more and more Byzantine to keep ahead of Twitter's Bieber-hating censors. Bieb-zizzle? Jiebenstein? JusBieb4Eva?