The diva imports very expensive toilet paper. This celeb shelled out cash to fertility doctors to knock her up and will go public soon. This actress is being paid to keep her former boyfriend closeted. Money can't buy you class.

1. "This very wealthy diva has let her music career go to her head and her behind! One of her staff member claims that our star has two types of luxury toilet paper put into her bathroom each day. The paper is not on rolls and is not to be touched by human hands. The staff must first wear gloves when handling it. The diva then has each kind broken into squares and stacked into two separate containers. That way, depending on the day and the situation, the diva can chose which types fits her needs. Both brands are imported and very expensive. Not Rihanna." [BuzzFoto]

2. "She isn't wearing bulky or flowing tops or adopting atypical poses because that's what is in fashion this year. This woman is definitely pregnant. Not by the old-fashioned way, but science is her friend at this point. Since there has been false alarms in the past, she will keep the news quiet until she passes the three-month point. That will happen soon." [Blind Gossip]

3. "This former B list movie actress who is now a C, although I can't even think of a movie she has been in lately. Anyway, she was in a very recent breakup and even though it was because she couldn't get her act together, she is getting paid. It wasn't a marriage, but she is getting paid $20,000 a week to keep the secret that her ex also loved guys. If his business partners found out then he would stand to lose millions. What he didn't count on was the fact that our actress tells everyone all the time when she has been drinking or doing drugs which is frequently." [CDaN]