Poor Ted: America's favorite movie is actually about the time he was left at the altar. So when he started dating a new lady played by Judy Greer, he suddenly was the one with emotional baggage to hide.

Here's the scene where Ted realizes he's being a douche about the whole thing and decides to get Royce back. The music is as chick-flicky as it gets (I'm almost 100% positive this soundtrack is identical to Love Actually.) Barney, who was barely used in last night's show, gave us something to laugh about in the midst of Ted's loverboy speech.

At the end of this proclamation of love, I was pretty excited at the idea of Judy Greer being "the mother." A mix of her eclectic roles: the "best friend" type in almost every chick-flick, Kitty on Arrested Development, and the horny secretary on Archer. Finally, a cool chick that Ted could possibly end up with!

But alas... Nocandosville, baby doll.