Today at Gawker.TV, a reporter swallows a fly, a weatherman enthusiastically likes sausage, Bill Cosby's losing his edge, How I Met Your Mother's star-studded movie-within-a-show, and 10 television shows that advanced sex on TV.

Sam Champion's Awkward Sausage Comment
While it's no secret that Good Morning America weatherman Sam Champion, may or may not be gay. Little quips such as this make it all too obvious that he loves sausage. The lunch meat kind anyway.

10 Shows that Advanced Sex on Television
It's truly a special moment when a father and son have "the talk," wherein the father, embarrassed to use words like "gonad" and "fallopian," is relieved to find his son already got the gist from How I Met Your Mother.

Reporter Accidentally Eats Fly
This morning, The Today Show was kind enough to highlight one of their reporter's fly-swallowing skills. Hate to break it to you, buddy, but this may be the highlight of your career!

Ted's "Wedding Bride" Nightmare Turns Into a Stereotypical, Chick-Flick Happy Ending
Poor Ted: America's favorite movie is actually about the time he was left at the altar. So when he started dating a new lady played by Judy Greer, he suddenly was the one with emotional baggage to hide.

Has Bill Cosby Lost It?
Last night, Bill Cosby visited The Tonight Show to perform a stand-up sit-down comedy routine, and he pseudo-bombed. After recounting an awkward conversation he'd had with a friend to the audience, Cosby was startled by the show's band.