Douglas Hughes is running for governor of California on a "pedophile removal" platform. He proposes shipping them off to a self-sufficient island of iniquity and tears. If the election doesn't go well, he can try reality TV? reports.

The first of pedophiles to go to the island would be a lead team for "their society" such as police, fire personnel, judges, fish and game agents, forest rangers, ranchers, farmers, building contractors, surveyors, and the like to establish the "Island" community. This lead team will be responsible for creating a master plan for the "Island. The "Island's" master plan will include the construction of city hall, a medical facility, water department, police and fire departments, as well as provide for the farm, ranch and housing areas. All construction will be completed by the pedophiles assigned to the "Island". The first order of business will be to establish temporary housing, the farm, and the ranch. The "Island" pedophiles will write their own "Island" constitution. The constitution will be reviewed for any improvements by a State of California department to be formed to oversee the "Island". This will all occur until enough pedophiles have moved to the "Island" making the "Island" community self-sufficient...Life on the "Island" will include certain restrictions such as they may never leave the "Island", and they may never bring children to the "Island". If they don't want to live this way they should have left the state. However, once they choose the island that will be their home for the duration of their life.

While pedophiles are Hughes' big thing, there are other points to his platform. Here he is on oil:

All oil sites must be in a "Ready" condition at all times and kept primed at all times. If we are cut off from the World Oil supply; we must be ready! All possible oil sites must be drilled and made ready. For this the land-owners should be given a percentage of the take. All land owners that will be affected by oil smells or unsightly wells with heavy traffic or pipelines, should be compensated.

And on drugs:


As Governor, I will enforce a program that gives addicts three choices:
1. To buy drugs from the state for ½ price of the street price.
2. Buy drugs from the street at full price.
3. Accept rehabilitation.

His high-speed rail plan seems a little bit like this Chinese idea.

Hughes4Governor via Dispatches From the Culture Wars


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