Your daily look into the twitterific lives of our favorite celebs.

If he was scared to sit down with the ladies of the 4th hour this morning, he should have seen them on no-make up day last week! Yikes. The picture he tweeted must be what it looks like to walk into a lion's den. Check out the interview here.

So the "that guy" of the 90's, the one and only Ethan Embry, is on twitter too! And apparently he's drinking his unemployment sorrows away. Poor, poor Mark/Preston/The bassist. Too bad it isn't Rex Manning day! That would surely cheer him up.

I wouldn't say "sexy" so much as I'd say "looking like Michael Buble."

Bill Cosby is going back to JELL-O! Decades really do repeat themselves every 20 years.

Congratulations, Jenny McCarthy, you have entered the same realm of TMI as the women who live tweet their births.