Last night's penultimate episode brought closure to some mysteries — Tina Fey doesn't, in fact, mean much to the story — but, of course, teased out new ones too. Specifically, what's Desmond up to?

I mean I get that he's rounding up all the Real Housewives of the Island for some sort of something, but I'm increasingly not sure convinced he's trying to get them back. What if he's trying to get them to collectively choose the off-island life? I mean, so many of their lives are really good off-island, wouldn't it be cruel to send them back to the reality where they're all miserable and most of their friends are dead?

Though, notice when Desmond tells Hurley of Ana-Lucia, "No, she's not ready yet." Not ready to what, face the fact that in the other world — possibly the true world — she's dead as doughnuts? That "she's not ready" would lead me to believe then that Desmond is trying to get them back. But everything else... I dunno. I like Jack with his kid, I like Lt. Dan Locke wanting to get new legs, I like Claire not saying "Chaahhlieee" all the time. It'd be sad to see things return to the way they used to be.

As for the other stuff last night with Jacob... I dunno, guys. If someone doesn't explain WHAT will happen that's so terrible if Locke gets off the island, Ima smack a person. And if they don't explain WHAT the island's glowing inner light is, Ima go blow up a hatch. I am not satisfied with the "it's the light in all of us" Christian mumbojumbo. I want a more detailed explanation. Hopefully we'll get it on Sunday. If not... Well, I'll be disappointed.

I'm also beginning to worry, with the increased focus on the mysticism, that the whole sciencey time-travely plots of seasons past were all... filler. And that makes me feel a little cheated I guess?

Anyway, I don't want to harsh on the show until it's over. I mean, I don't want to harsh on the show at all! I'm just feeling WORRIED about Sunday. Anyone else?