They've made good television shows great, and as LOST nears it's Sunday night series finale, it's clear that Ben Linus and The Smoke Monster are the bad guys. They also happen to be the best characters on the show.

The last Tuesday night episode of LOST ran last night, and two sides have clarified their stance. Jacob christened Jack as the new protector of the island. Talk about underwhelming:

On the other hand, Smoke Monster Flocke found an ally in Benjamin Linus, as Team Widmore was seemingly/very possibly K.O.ed. This was, to put it simply, awesome:

There is still a sideways universe, some press suggestions that Team Widmore isn't really down for the count, and a lot of inexplicable happenings expected in the two and a half hour series finale on Sunday. What is clear is that Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn have received more recognition for their LOST roles than any other cast member, and together the expectation is that they will go down, but with characters like these, it's hard not to root for the bad guys. There are few villains that hold such a high place in television history, but here are some favorites:

5. Sideshow Bob, The Simpsons

4. Eartha Kitt's Catwoman, Batman

3. Amanda Woodward, Melrose Place

2. Stringer Bell, The Wire

1. J.R. Ewing, DALLAS

Anybody else want to chime in on their favorite television villains? I'm sure some good ones have been left out...