With everyone complaining about how hard it is to remain private on Facebook, some users are looking for help on the social network itself. And they're not happy with Facebook's bizarre results when you search for "privacy."

Running that search from the top of your Facebook page will land you, by default, on Facebook's "Privacy Settings" page. But that's pretty frustrating if you're looking for privacy help from someone other than Facebook Inc. "That's not what I wanted," a Facebook user emailed us. "I wanted to find all the privacy-themed user groups on Facebook."

If you enter "privacy" in the search box and wait patiently, before hitting "Enter," Facebook will show you a preliminary list of results. If you select "See more results" at the bottom of the list, Facebook will you show you the real search results page. But right at the top, Facebook you suggests you weren't really looking for "privacy" at all. Maybe you'd be interested in some "prrivacy" instead:

Oy. We're guessing this has more to do with some slopping programming on Facebook's part, and that the automatic direct to privacy settings is designed to reduce customer support requests. In other words, Facebook might genuinely be trying to help users. But given the company's repeated disingenuous actions recently, we don't blame anyone for thinking this is part of some nefarious conspiracy. Not one bit.