Today at Gawker.TV, Neil Patrick Harris chats about his Glee performance, Miss USA reads Letterman's Top 10, Speidi's finally exiled from The Hills, Matthew Fox answers Jimmy Fallon's rapid-fire questions, and why we're rooting for the bad guys on Lost.

Jimmy Fallon Rapid-Fires Lost Questions at Matthew Fox
Jimmy can't wait until Sunday to figure out all of the island's mysteries. Kate or Juliet? Jacob or the Smoke Monster? Jack with a beard or without? Matthew Fox answers as best he can.

Still Rooting for the Bad Guys as LOST Nears Finale
They've made good television shows great, and as LOST nears it's Sunday night series finale, it's clear that Ben Linus and The Smoke Monster are the bad guys. They also happen to be the best characters on the show.

Neil Patrick Harris Talks Glee and Magic on Today's 4th Hour
Perhaps the busiest man in in Hollywood took some time off from filming the Smurfs movie to talk with two winos this morning. Topics ranged from his appearance on Glee to his favorite hobby—the dark arts!

Miss USA Delivers David Letterman's Top 10 List on The Late Show
On yesterday's Late Show, Rima Fakih (aka Miss USA 2010) visited to chat with David Letterman about cars, Detroit and things like such as before delivering the Top 10 List: "Things I Want To Do As Miss USA."

Spencer and Heidi Finally Get Exiled on The Hills
The girls of The Hills unanimously decided that the antics had become too much and cut ties with Spencer and Heidi, proving that the crazy train can only roll so far before it hits the end of the line.