Robert Scoble and Karen Wickle joked about bathrooms and private parts, respectively, at Google IO; Khloe Kardashian let her husband down; and Martha Stewart was clinically obsessed with Starbucks. The Twitterati regressed a little.

Taking stock of Malaysia's natural features, Martha Stewart's mind wandered, inevitably, to a Starbucks beverage. Who forgot to order the media diva's estuary extra hot as she prefers? WHO?!

Googler Karen Wickle found that monoculture has its benefits.

Reality TV whatever Khloe Kardashian ran late to see her baller husband, and came up with a not-terribly-inventive excuse.

Paid motivator Tony Robbins took full credit for this adorable old YouTube video. Taking credit is almost as motivating as taking real money, after all.

Blogging maniac Robert Scoble is the king of the accidental-yet-somehow-withering putdown. Yeesh.

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