That's one part of her hard-knock story she always leaves out. This star is moving to get miles away from her famous mother, this starlet is serving coke in salt shakers, and the return of a skanky director's wife!

1. "There are rumors swirling within the inner circle of this celebrity about her secret past. We all know about her rags to riches story, but what we don't know is that she lived the life of prostitution for two years to get by. Not Oprah Winfrey." [BuzzFoto]

2. "This celebrity is moving to a place thousands of miles away from where she lives now. Her motives are rather suspicious. Is the new location closer to her workplace? No. Closer to her family? No. Better weather? No. She claims it is just because she found a locale that she and her husband like. The real reason, though, is to get herself and her child/ren as far away from her Mother as possible. The celeb finally has enough presence of mind—and more than enough money—to lead a life different from the one that was set up for her. She won't be hounded or controlled anymore by her Mother, her Mother's attorneys, etc. Mom will act like she is heartbroken that her daughter and grandchild/ren are moving, but she is actually panicking. She found out that her little girl is writing her autobiography…a book that will make Mommie Dearest look like a day at the beach." [Blind Gossip]

3. "The Director's Wife returns. This one actually happened prior to our actress getting married, but for the sake of convenience we will still call her the director's wife. Anyway, not too long before she met her husband, she was the rebound for this A list a-hole music producer and sometime singer. He told her that he was going to make his very first movie and wanted her to star in it. So, he used her for awhile and then when he suggested she would have a much better chance for the role if she slept with a few of his friends, she did just that. Many, many of his friends. Of course, the movie never came to fruition, and he dumped her when he got bored." [CDaN]

4. "Which skinny starlet has a new party trick to impress her rich showbiz pals with? She has flunkies fill salt shakers with cocaine and dots them around the dinner table for guests to sprinkle on their canapes..." [UK Mirror]