The CW was the last to present its fall schedule at the upfronts, the week when TV networks show advertisers what's in store. So what's in store for The CW? Two new shows, but five nights a week of programming.

Yay! Now 14-year-old girls will have something to watch on Friday nights! The CW, a network built around text messages, status updates, and free internet downloads, added two new programs, Hellcats and Nikita, one to replace the canceled Melrose Place and the other to air as the network expands its schedule. (Here's the whole thing in a handy grid, if you care). They also rearranged a good chunk of the line-up. 90210 moves to Monday before Gossip Girl, both Life, Unexpected and One Tree Hill move to Tuesday, and Supernatural moves to Friday with Smallville, which is entering its last season.

What does that mean? It means the shows that you don't watch are going to be on at new times when you won't watch them. As for the new programs, there's a bit of trashy promise that all CWs shows have before you actually tune in and find out how horrible they are. Nikita is a remake of French action film La Femme Nikita, which was itself remade into the movie Point of No Return with Bridget Fonda (remember her?). It's about a pretty girl who is trained to be a spy. Basically, it's Alias without all the crazy mythology. Hellcats is about a rabid pack of college cheerleaders. Most are describing it as a Glee rip-off. All of those things make me happy, so we'll see. Clips for both shows below.