TV newsman Vince Dementri got in trouble at his old job in Philly for physically intimidating a coworker. Nevertheless, the (self-described) "fearless" news director at WPIX-11 in NYC hired him in March. Yesterday, DeMentri slapped a chauffeur. Whoops.

Now is when we flash back to the quote that DeMentri gave to the NY Daily News when he was hired in March:

"I've never been convicted of a crime, not even a misdemeanor," DeMentri says. "Yet I feel like I'm one of the bad boys, part of the '70s Oakland Raiders."

The outrage. The nerve. Etc. Fast forward to yesterday, as the chauffeur who was driving the Bahamian ambassador around Manhattan describes DeMentri's brand of media-community relations:

[Chauffeur Hurley] Senanayake, 54, claims he was waiting to pick up Ambassador Paulette Bethel at Third Ave. and E. 41st St. when DeMentri pulled up and went nuts because he couldn't get a spot in a press-only zone, police said.

When Senanayake held his ground, DeMentri clocked him and zoomed off in his Audi.

According to DeMentri's Facebook page, his bio is "What you see is what you get"; his favorite quotation is "Fuck you Jack, I got mine"; and his "likes" include KARMA. In conclusion, people are unpredictable.