Lindsay Lohan Evades Arrest, and Other Tales of Triumph

Facing arrest, LiLo frantically emails her richest friends, then posts bail. Did Nicole Kidman get a boob job? Kevin Jonas and his wife sleep in separate beds. Jenna Bush keeps getting embarrassed by her dad. TGIFriday gossip.

  • Hours after the issue of her bench warrant, Lindsay Lohan evaded arrest and by paying $10,000 to a bondsman, who paid her $100,000 bail. Which means, if she skips bail, we could end up with the most harrowing episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter yet. Good thing she knows her way around guns, sexily. [TMZ, image via]

  • Problem-solving by Lindsay Lohan: Email richest friends, beg. In the hours leading up to the court date she missed, LiLo sent a frantic mass email: "I need my friends, and people I work with to PLEASE help me get on a private plane tomorrow by at least 5pm. This is such a horrible thing that's happened to me and extremely unfortunate." And: "If anyone has planes leaving Nice/Cannes at any time after 11am when I get my passport, please, please, let me know if you can help me." Her attempt to crowdsource wealth failed. [Radar]

  • ...and here's a gallery of party pictures showing what perpetually pantsless LiLo (and wild-haired, camera-mooning friends) was doing in the nights leading up to her airplane-and-court crisis. [TMZ]

  • Whoa—did Nicole Kidman get a boob job, or did someone duct tape those puppies up, beauty pageant-style? [DailyMail, image via Getty]

  • Lindsay Lohan Evades Arrest, and Other Tales of Triumph
  • Here's a picture of the Mixed Martial Arts fighter who will be Kendra Wilkinson's sex tape. Not that anyone will be looking at him, anyway. Vivid paid him $100,000 for the tape, and Kendra will get 50 percent of the sales generated by the tape. [Star, Radar]

  • Accused Jacko killer Dr. Conrad Murray saved a dying lady on an airplane. Everyone thought it was a publicity stunt, but then video emerged, and everyone still thinks it's a publicity stunt, but at least we can watch it, now. [TMZ]

  • "Leonardo DiCaprio is a flirting machine." Girlfriend Bar Rafaeli was "nowhere in sight" at the Maxim 100 party, where "all the girls were making a beeline for him." Which has to be tiring, because half the flirtatious females who approach Leo try to replicate the Romeo + Juliet fish tank scene, and the other half scream "I'm flying, Jack!" and thwack the drink of his hand with their outstretched arms. [P6]

  • Has Padma Lakshmi snagged herself an even older, more powerful man than Salman Rushdie? She praised billionaire Teddy Forstmann at a charity event: "I am lucky to have someone who unwaveringly gave me love and manly support — and is also the person that I love." [P6]

  • Five months after shedding his abstinence ring for a wife, Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa are sleeping in a separate beds because Kevin "snores like a freight train." That's what happens when you don't test drive the car before you buy it: Weird noises. [InTouch]

  • California has a $500K tax lien against Dane Cook, who says it's all a big misunderstanding. That sucks. [TMZ]

  • A-Rod and Cameron Diaz went "browsing for shoes and clothes" at Barney's. Public appearance at packed department store on Madison Avenue = Getting serious. [P6]

  • Jenna Bush was giving a speech about needy Guatemalan street urchins when a crazy guy started cursing about the war in Iraq. He was escorted out, and Jenna maintained external composure. Internally, she tore her hair, beat her chest, and screamed until her inner voice went hoarse: Fuck you, Dad. Seriously, fuck you. [P6]