Last week's episode was Skyler-heavy, which meant family drama more appropriate for Dr. Phil than America's Most Wanted.

After a genius cold-open "advertisement" that made Los Pollos Hermanos look more like Olive Garden than the KFC-esque establishment seen thus far, it was back to the hospital, the White home, and the lab.

In business news, Jesse's got money troubles — at least according to Saul. The fastest money launderer in the west proposed funneling Jesse's drug profits through a local spa to avoid the most terrifying government agency of all: the IRS. Jesse, who has likely neither paid his taxes nor had a relaxing mani-pedi in years, refused the idea.

On the administrative end, Walt let Gus know he's wise to Gus' web of schemes, and demanded a contract extension. Walt & Jesse finally got cooking ... seriously, FINALLY. Jesse, accustomed to dealing in weight, was irked by Walt giving Gus two more pounds than promised.

Don't fret, DEA fans — Hank's doing alright, if you count "impending addiction to morphine" and "potential paralysis" alright. Skyler finally got her opportunity to spend a little of her former man's money, offering to set off the cost of top-of-the-line physical therapy. Her explanation for the cash flow? Walt's a card-counter. Walt's explanation? "I did well."

By the end of the episode, Jesse put on his Bad Guy Britches and decided to skim off the excess weight of Walt's wholesale meth to sell on the streets. Taking a page from Saul's Book of Slimy Moves, he decided to "market" his wares to his NA group with a little help from Badger & Skinny Pete — which is even more unforgivable considering his group had to stomach one of Jesse's monologues.

Looks like the writers decided to dial it back after a few weeks of pulse-pounders. By now I'm starting to flat-line, so hopefully Walt writhing on the ground in the previews is an omen of good-bad things to come. Some questions to ask yourself: will the DEA draw an [erroneous] line between Hank's assault by the Brothers and Jesse's assault by Hank? Will Walt discover Jesse's scheme? (Duh.) Will episodes with so much Skyler ever stop being boring?

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