In your finally Friday media column: Brian Tierney goes 3-D, an attorney general bravely takes on Twitter, Sarah Ellison and Michael Wolff work the same territory, and Rafat Ali is ready to do...something else.

  • Failed Philly newspaper CEO Brian Tierney's big final act before he's out the door: "The paper plans to publish a special section next month featuring full-page 3-D pictures and advertisements, and will provide clear-lens 3-D glasses for viewing them." Never let it be said he accomplished nothing of consequence.
  • In fairness, the Philly paper still has good stories! Like this one, about the idiot state attorney general using subpoenas to try to reveal the identity of people talking bad about him on the Twitter. You, attorney general Tom Corbett, are a dork.
  • A tipster tells us that in the NYT book review this weekend, Lloyd Grove reviews Sarah Ellison's recently published book about Rupert Murdoch's acquisition of the WSJ—and that Grove dings Michael Wolff's Rupert Murdoch book in the process (are you listening, Michael? Start writing!). We also hear that Vanity Fair is asking Ellison to write a follow up piece about Murdoch and the WSJ for them, which, you know, could be Michael Wolff's territory?
  • Rafat Ali, the founder of Paid Content, is reportedly stepping down from the site (which he sold two years ago) this summer. No word on what Ali's doing next, but we'd guess "whatever the fuck he wants."

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