Enjoy these while you can because NBC has made the terrible decision to start Parks and Rec in a midseason spot next fall. Though the episode was pretty fantastic all-around, we've picked favorite moments for you to laugh at.

We were introduced to Andy's new motorcycle—or as he likes to call it, a "crotch rocket."

Rob Lowe's new role is that of a crazy person, and we love it.


Goodbye, Mark Brandanawitz. Or as Leslie would say, "Mark Brandanaquits."

Andy and April finally admit they like each other.


Nick Offerman proved that he can take a fall.

Tom Haverford's finally got a new girlfriend! He introduces her to Ron Swanson, who's hilariously chomping on a bacon-covered chicken leg that's been named after him.

Andy and April finally kiss, but he screws it up immediately by revealing that Anne had kissed him about ten minutes beforehand.

I call it right now, these two will be next season's big "will they or won't they?" romance.