On last night's Office we were told how to "Woof" for only 12.99 a month, and were almost told how to "Suck it" which could also be a forward thinking social networking concept, or just a really awesome yellow hoodie.

Sure there was a plot driven narrative on last night's big season finale. Half the office was ratting out the Sabre Corporation for knowingly producing combustible printers, Michael was asking Kathy Bates to get his old girlfriend back, and Andy had his leg stroked by the beautiful Erin who scorned him a couple episodes back for not telling her he was formerly engaged to Angela. So now you can wait all summer long in anticipation for the outcomes of these cliffhanging vignettes.

But what are you to do while your waiting? Well the workplace chameleon Ryan suggests you try his latest offering to the communique of the world wide web. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to WOOF!

Later the still visibly unemployed David Wallace wanted to tell the audience something about "Suck It," but the cameras cut him off before we get the information we want.

We see immediately that "Suck It," is at the very least an awesome slogan to have on your clothing, and if we think back a few weeks we can see that it's a very catchy chorus to a badass song. Is there something more to "Suck it?" Is the membership free? Can I tell anyone with a "Suck It," account to "Suck It?" Will we find out next season? Time will tell friends, time will tell.