This week was the networks' annual upfront presentations when they tell potential advertisers (and the world) what is in store for fall. There were shows picked up, shows canceled, and lots of parties. Here's the breakdown.

We've been keeping you apprised of the situation all week, but here is a nice summary of all the shows canceled and the new programs coming at you once the summer is but a vague memory filled with reruns and reality programming. Despite the fact that some of these shows are already in trouble based on sluggish ad sales, they're at least going to get a shot come September. Let's just hope that some of those stupid lawyer shows get canned. (The Live Feed has a handy chart with the whole fall season if you like a graph.)

Cancelled Shows: FlashForward, Better Off Ted, The Deep End, The Forgotten, Happy Town, Romantically Challenged, and Scrubs.
New Shows: Matthew Perry comedy Mr. Sunshine, medical drama Off the Map, cop show Detroit 1-8-7, lady coroner drama Body of Proof, couples sitcom Better Together, the unfunny Happy Endings, the enigmatic My Generation, and annoying lawyer show The Whole Truth.

Cancelled Shows: Cold Case, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs, Miami Medical, Accidentally on Purpose, Gary Unmarried, and New Adventures of Old Christine
New Shows: Crappy comedy Shit My Dad Says, a Hawaii Five-0 retread, overeaters anonymous sitcom Mike & Molly, intergenerational cop drama Blue Bloods, and Defenders, another shitty lawyer show.

The CW
Cancelled Shows: Melrose Place
New Shows: Cheer leading sudster Hellcats, female spy drama Nikita.

Cancelled Shows: 'Til Death, 24, Brothers, Dollhouse, Mental, More to Love, Past Life, Sons of Tucson, and The Wanda Sykes Show.
New Shows: Cop drama The Good Guys, Texas oil family soap DallasLonestar, Will Arnett and Keri Russell comedy Running Wilde, babydaddy comedy Raising Hope, bromantic comedy Mixed Signals, Steven Spielberg sci-fi ditty Terra Nova, cop drama Ride-Along, and, because it's Fox, cartoon Bob's Burgers.

Cancelled Shows: Heroes, Trauma, Mercy, Law & Order: Original Recipe, oh and that Jay Leno thing that no one really noticed.
New Shows: Presidential something-or-other The Event, tough lady U.S. Marshall drama The Chase, JJ Abrams' married spy drama Undercovers, stupid superhero nonsense The Cape, office comedy Outsourced, Love Boat on land Love Bites, relationship comedy Perfect Couples, something called Friends with Benefits that we won't watch, sad comedy The Paul Reiser Show, extreme makeover school edition School Pride, and two, yes two annoying lawyer shows, Outlaw and Harry's Law (just in case you didn't know they were about law).