According to local news reports members of the Zeta drug cartel patrol the Mexican half of Lake Falcon, a lake that crosses the border between Texas and Mexico, in boats. They wield assault weapons and steal money and electronics., in San Antonio, report that at least three boats have been hit, and authorities are investigating a fourth incident. Local law enforcement officials are unambiguous in their warnings. If anyone crosses the line of buoys that mark the border on the water, they can't help:

"It is unsafe in Mexico. Don't go to Mexico," warned Game Warden Capt. Fernando Cervantes. "We can not cross over onto that side. If a boat goes across, that's it. We stop there at the line."

One man fishing on the lake Thursday, Lucas Garza, said he'd be staying away from the boundary.

"We're not planning on going to that side," he said. "We just know there's no good news on that side."

He and his friends have heard the warnings about Zeta cartel pirates ambushing boats on the Mexican side, operating with virtual impunity as they steal cash and electronics at machine gun-point.

Here's a video in which a bass fisherman talks of outrunning the gun-wielding drug pirates:

[Via Philip Bump]