Project Prevention is a US group that aims, according to their website, "to reduce the number of substance exposed births to zero." Three of its members stopped a woman in Scotland and offered her cash if she'd get sterilized.

The group is known to make such offers to drug addicts. The problem (leaving aside the problems with the endeavor as a whole) in this instance was that the woman was not a drug addict and therefore had no chance of giving birth to a substance-exposed child. "I'm not a addict," Deborah Wilson told the BBC. "I think I was approached because I was in the Possilpark area [of Glasgow] - it's a well-known area for drugs - but that's where my doctor is based."

Wilson was particularly upset as they offer was made in front of her son. "I asked her to leave me alone but she kept going on and on so I had an argument with her and got on the bus to go home. My son knew they were asking me questions, and he asked me what it meant to be sterilised."

According to this CNN interview with Project Prevention's founder, Barbara Harris, pictured above, the group paid women $300 to be sterilized "in all 50 [American] states" before turning their attention to Britain.