Bill Clinton, who is no longer the President, still gets a big old motorcade, which is a good thing, because he needs several extra vehicles around him to fend off the multiple slack-jawed civilians sideswiping him at every turn.

Bill's motorcade was involved in accidents—with an "s!"—on the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut yesterday. CNN reports:

As the motorcade slowed, a civilian car behind hit one of the motorcade's protection cars, [a police spokesman] said. The motorcade continued and a second civilian vehicle side-swiped another motorcade car, he said.Vance declined to say whether Clinton was in either of the vehicles involved in the accidents.

Oh okay, just your average everyday "Bill Clinton running multiple cars off the road" thing, no biggie. Bill was on his way to Yale to "speak to Yale grads about unequal world." LOL.

[Pics: AP]