America's Future First Family, The Palins, are whiling away their time up in Wasilla, Alaska, as usual. Sarah's counting her speaking money; Bristol's counting her speaking money; and Todd—well, Todd's just there to intimidate the reporters.

Unfortunate NYT reporter William Yardsley got sent straight up the ice-capped hell town, Wasilla, to creep around and meekly question the locals about the Palins, and then try to approach the foreboding Palin compound, on foot.

"Are you the guy who's been writing all that crap about us?" Mr. Palin barked at an approaching reporter.

A few moments later, less testy, he seemed amused at the soap opera of it all, grinning, eyes wide, as he feigned curiosity. "Have you talked to Levi?"

Haha, just....playing around there a little with the media, eh? Nothing to worry about, just joshing...

Mr. Palin started to pull away, then he stopped and leaned toward the window. He emphasized that he did not want to be misrepresented by a reporter.

"What goes around comes around," he said, still smiling.

You know in Wasilla, Alaska you are allowed and encouraged to carry a big shotgun right in your waistband, William Yardsley. Think about it.

[NYT. Pic: AP]