"It's finally here: the two-hour season finale of "Chuck". How much trouble is Chuck in now that Shaw has been intersected? Will Quantum Dad help? Why was The Ring still making food drops years after leaving the island? Wait...

Stephen Bartowski, after a couple of bad lies by Chuck, discovers and becomes okay with the fact that his son is a full fledged CIA agent. He decides to help his son out by working on the Intersect to make sure it stops malfunctioning and causing trippy nightmares.

Ellie continues to get freaked out and paranoid of everyone around her, thanks to Ring agent Justin. She almost kills Casey, a man that is on her brother's side but she assumes is a double agent. It would seem to just be easier at this point for Chuck to let Ellie on his secret. Everyone else seems to know already anyway.

Shaw, as we suspected, is not actually dead, and at the end of last week's episode uploaded the intersect into his brain. Ruh roh.

And in the most distressing cliffhanger of all, Jeffster! is currently disbanded. Would Jeff take his work solo and make it big in Japan like the "'Ster" thinks he will? Sure, I can see that.

Roger Cormier writes for the television blog Shut Up It's On and at the Yay Sarcasm Tumblr Thing. His love of Wendy's and television will be the death of him.