New York cops are "livid" as well as "furious" at a proposed new bill that would require them to shoot to "stop" a suspect, rather than to kill. Wha...wha...what are cops, trained snipers? Listen to this outrageous libtard fantasy law:


"A police officer or peace officer . . . uses such force with the intent to stop, rather than kill . . . and uses only the minimal amount of force necessary to effect such stop."

It's enough to cause one outrage as well as fury! The idea of asking police to work with the intent to use the minimal amount of force necessary. As a NY Post commenter wryly asks, "Who came up with this BS???? Sharpton, NAACP??"

Close! It was some politicians from black neighborhoods. Jesus, the nerve of these people, to propose such a measure "in the wake of Sean Bell's controversial police shooting death." Have they no respect for police, and their guns?

[NYP. Pic: AP]