The newest batch of ladygoop premiered last night to much fanfare and fancy dressery. But how was the actual movie? Well, judging by a few critics' reactions, it was not so good. Actually, it sounds terrible.

From that oddly sallow, washed-out cinematography to Michael Patrick King's increasingly strained punnery, SATC2 sounds much like the first movie, only far more tired.

In a scathing hiss of a review, Rex Reed writes for The New York Observer:

The only thing memorable about Sex and the City 2 is the number two part, which describes it totally, if you get my drift. Everything else in this deadly, brainless exercise in pointless tedium is dedicated to the screeching audacity of delusional self-importance that convinces these people the whole world is waiting desperately to watch two hours and 25 minutes of platform heels, fake orgasms and preposterous clothes. It is to movies what fried dough is to nutrition.

You really should read the whole thing. He profoundly didn't like the movie.

Same goes for David Edelstein of New York Magazine:

The thinking behind the movie (written and directed by Michael Patrick King) is undisguised. Let's start with an over-the-top gay wedding! Then we'll send the girls to Abu Dhabi so they can rile up the fundamentalists with their sexuality! Then they'll make fun of women in niqab ("Certainly cuts down on the Botox bill!") but later show (campy) feminist solidarity! Won't they look great swishing around the desert being waited on by smooth young Arab men?

The whole gay wedding mini-plot sounds just about as tokeny and upsetting as the gayness was on the series, only now the two main gays are just mashed together in a sad Liza Minnelli officiated party for lonely gay losers.

But really, of course, this is all about Carrie, as it always was. (Most self-involved beloved TV character in recent memory?) Amy Diluna describes her ish in the New York Daily News:

As if she can't help it, Carrie kicks up some trouble for herself after finding Aidan (John Corbett), now a married dad of two, in a souk. She's dressed as Glinda the Good Witch in a poufy skirt and "J'adore Dior" T-shirt, and she looks like a maniac. But the drama that ensues is so been-there, done-that, you wonder if she has an emotional imbalance that keeps her perpetually dissatisfied with life.

Aren't you so excited girls???