In your gleaming Tuesday media column: big news at True/ Slant, The Atlantic's selling mad ads, the NYT gets a new media reporter, and every last thing is for sale at Shape magazine.

  • True/ Slant, the website where lots of writers write things, is being bought by Forbes. Good for them, assuming Forbes doesn't fuck everything up! Also: Matt Taibbi, the site's biggest-name writer, is leaving True/ Slant and blogging at Which, to be fair, is his actual job. TS's editorial director Coates Bateman tells us that Taibbi left due to contractual obligations Rolling Stone, and not so much because he just wants to be free to cuss more.
  • The Atlantic's ad pages were up almost 22% for the first half of this year. It just goes to show that the old nugget is true: If you let James Fallows write ten thousand earnest words month after month, eventually the money will fucking roll in.
  • Jeremy Peters is taking over Richard Perez-Pena's old media beat at the NYT. A new media reporter at The Times, eh? You know what that means, Jeremy: we will dig up every last bit of dirt about you and post it far and wide and we won't stop until every detail is blasted out across the world wide web and you are totally finished and destroyed in the journalism industry, because that is what we do! Haha, we're totally kidding, dude. Lots of NYT people think we do that though! But seriously, get AG Sulzberger and let's all go bowling.
  • The scandalous magazine ad/ edit crossover of the month: Shape magazine, which has Ellen Degeneres on the cover this month. And, hmm, what else...
  • Immediately following the cover and abutting the feature story about her are ads for Vitamin Water that include DeGeneres as the spokesperson. According to the report, DeGeneres is wearing CoverGirl makeup in the cover photo and the issue includes a CoverGirl ad with DeGeneres in it.

  • Magazines: not giving a fuck about anything except economic survival, since 2008.

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