Bad coffee! Piped-in muzak! Uncomfortable chairs! Dirty bathrooms! Semi-fascist management policies! Bayan Rabbani could've been stuck at pretty much any crappy airport lounge in the United States, waiting for a epically delayed flight to start boarding, but no, all this misery was self-inflicted: Rabbani, survivor of a 24 hours in Wal-Mart experiment and former Starbucks employee, decided it would be a good idea to spend 24 hours at Starbucks.

Naturally, he tweeted the entire experience, with missives ranging from the perceptive:

to the terrifying:

to the inventive:

During his 24 hours at Starbucks, Rabbani managed to take 19 bathroom breaks, consume a whopping 25 drinks, and an undisclosed number of sandwiches. It's a pity he doesn't share the actual list of drinks ordered because it'd be pretty interesting (and probably horrific) to do the math on the number of calories he actually drank-every single one of the top ten most fat-filled drinks at Starbucks has a higher calorie count than every healthy eater's current favorite whipping boy, the KFC Double Down.

Video: Houston Chronicle Report

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