This is environmentalism we can get behind: NYC assemblyman Michael DenDekker has proposed a bill to "create a statewide cigarette butt recycling program." There's money in it, for everyone! Five reasons this is the smartest thing we've heard today.

1. Scientists and artists and whatnot have come up with actual uses for recycled cigarette butts. Read all about it!
2. It will be a veritable shower of riches for all the people who now compete to dig bottles out of curbside recycling bins.
3. You would immediately lose all guilt about flicking cigarette butts wherever. It would be a good deed, actually. Charity.
4. At a penny per butt, the contents of your ashtrays would go a long way towards financing your next pack of cigarettes.
5. At a penny per butt, they'd be more valuable than YOUR MOM. You could make jokes like that, which people enjoy.

[Pic: Dusan Dobes/ Shutterstock]