Arizona Governor Jan Brewer won her battle for racist immigration laws, but she's not done with her border war. Now she wants "the airplanes, the drones, the helicopters" from Afghanistan and Iraq patrolling her border.

Talking Points Memo reports that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer wrote a letter to Obama arguing keeping illegal immigrants out of Arizona is akin to the war in Iraq:

I would also ask you, as overseas operations in Iraq and Afghanistan permit, to consider wider deployment of UAVs [Unmanned Aerial Vehicles] along our nation's southern border. I am aware of how effective these assets have become in Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom, and it seems UAVs operations would be ideal for border security and counter-drug missions.

Wait a minute—"wider deployment"? Lo and behold, the scary windowless things we use to spy and drop bombs on terrorists are already in our airspace, monitoring—and crashing into—our borders. Mother Jones reports,

Customs and Border Protection has a small but growing fleet of UAVs that it's been flying along the borders since the mid-2000s. It currently has six Predators (unarmed)-five of which operate from Arizona. One even crashed there in 2006. CBP credits its drones with helping bust 15,000 lbs of pot and 4,000 illegal immigrants. (And the agency hasn't been the only one watching the line from above—in 2003, the American Border Patrol, an Arizona Minutemen-type group, tested its own small surveillance UAV, the Border Hawk.)

All she needs now is Erik Prince and Blackwater (do the Minutemen count?) and she'll have her own little desert war zone. It's enough to make you want to run away to live in a safe place, like Mexico. [TPM, MoJo via atlasfugged]