Microcelebrity expert and Gawker fixture Rex Sorgatz has designed a restaurant only a fameball could love, complete with a 240-inch internet buzz monitor, iPad waiters and an online resale program for its bizarre hamburgers. Eater.com explains the whole thing below.

Are you ready Midtown? Because things are going to get crazy up in here. Here are renderings for the upcoming restaurant 4Food, opening on 40th and Madison on July 6. First and foremost, this is a quirky, organic-focused fast food joint. They will serve burgers, but with a twist: the burgers have holes in them which can be filled with one of 40 "scoops," including edamame, hummus, salsa, veggie chili, and more!

But more interesting than these donut burgers is the general concept of the place, which is about as techie as it gets. We will let 4Food rep Rex Sorgatz explain:

People will be encouraged to create their orders online. Customers who create accounts on the 4Food.com website will be given simple customization offers that can produce millions of outcomes. Once a food choice is created, the customer can schedule a pick-up time. If the customer chooses to name their creation ("The Yoko Ono Burger"), they can market it and receive $.25 in store credit for every customized burger they sell.

For those who want to order in person, there will be the options of either ordering through a kiosk, with the assistance of someone on an iPad, or through a normal customer counter.

Sorgatz calls it an Apple store meets a Chipotle. It also offers free WiFi and a 240 square foot monitor that will stream Foursquare checkins, Tweets, and info from the restaurant. As a bonus, it's also ecologically friendly (huge composter in the basement), and the labor force is made up of people from New York City's work displacement program. Phew.

Check out more info on their website and Facebook Page.

[Republished from www.eater.com. Authored by Amanda Kludt]