The ninth season (I know, right?) of American Idol just wrapped up, and overall, it was a pretty good show. The highlight, though, was the return of Paula Abdul, who semi-awkwardly paid tribute to departing judge Simon Cowell. Videos inside.

After a montage video of the best moments she had with Cowell during her eight year run as an Idol judge, Abdul took the stage for an impromptu stand-up routine. It was half charming, half awkward and fully entertaining.

Then, following ANOTHER tribute video—and a song performed for him by past Idol winners—Cowell took the stage to give his final farewell to the show that made him a filthy, filthy rich celebrity.

And... scene!

See y'all next year. (I want to keep this post spoiler-free, so if you want to know who won, there's this thing called Google.)

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