In 1985, only 55% of women having premarital sex the first time used a contraceptive. Thanks for helping to spawn a large Gawker readership 25 years later, unintentional moms! Nowadays, Americans send a new message with their fucking: Fuck God.

Things have changed since the awesome, sexy condom-free days of 1985. Premarital sexing ladies now use contraception at an 84% clip, according to a new survey. More importantly, we've finally settled the whole "religion" question here in the USA. Fucking wins, god loses.

Religious teachings forbidding contraceptives are almost universally ignored in the United States, since 99 percent of women between the ages of 15 and 44 who had sex at least once have used some form of contraception.

People fucking rationally. Suck on that, The Pope.

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