Five years ago, would-be media revolutionary Robert Plotkin vowed to turn the Point Reyes Light, a tiny California paper, into the "New Yorker magazine of the West." He's finally given up, declaring: fine, take your stupid paper back, hippie losers.

Plotkin went ahead and sold the paper back to a community coalition, because, he said, "Sadly, West Marin did not want editorial excellence. ... They wanted a newspaper that would record their births, celebrate their accomplishments and habitually congratulate them on living here." He was kind of right! In the sense that the old hippies there just want a normal little paper and were not so interested in Robert Plotkin's vow—real, direct quote here—that he would use the Point Reyes Light to make himself "the Che Guevara of literary revolutionary journalism."

"Christ, what an asshole." That's a quote from The New Yorker, Robert Plotkin.

[SF Chronicle via Romenesko. Pic via]