Today we looked at rapper M.I.A.'s big old hissy fit. This got lots of you commenters talking about how she is annoying. One commenter doesn't appreciate her political appropriation.

From Tchotchke:

Look, I liked Kala as much as the next person, but it's a mediocre, derivative album. In and of itself, that isn't a crime, but M.I.A. seems to think she's the second coming of Joe Strummer. Being a blustering idiot in interviews is problematic if you don't have the goods to support your ego and I don't think lifting Clash/Suicide riffs and then sprinkling gun shot sound effects is adequate artistry.

Further, I get the distinct sense that her politics are amorphous and ill-founded. In my mind, there is something distinctly problematic about supporting the Tamil Tigers without being able to articulately explain your reasoning (and I have yet to hear her do so). I can sympathize with some of their goals, but I would love to hear M.I.A. explain away their gross human rights violations such as child soldiers, civilian attacks and ethnic cleansing. They are, fundamentally, a terrorist group and should not be made into a trendy, contrarian political ideology for the sake of getting attention or appearing rebellious. It isn't much different than wearing a shirt depicting Che's visage without the knowledge of his actions to defend that sartorial choice.

To put it bluntly: She irks the hell out of me.