If a breakthrough that cures 100 per cent of the vicious virus in monkeys can be applied to humans, movies like Outbreak and Virus will become no more than historical whimsy. And they'll have to make movies about athlete's foot.

NPR report that a team of scientists injected monkeys with massive, lethal doses of the organ-melting virus. And then tried their cure. Doubtless to dramatic, Hans Zimmer music. "We were stunned," Thomas Geisbert, the team leader, told NPR. "I've been working with this virus for my whole career - 23 or 24 years, and we've had some mild successes where maybe we could go up to 50 percent protection. But I was really shocked that we got complete protection."

We're sure the monkeys were equally happy. The technique they used may also work for other scary fevers like Lassa, Marburg and Crimea-Congo. There's no mention of Dengue though. And that's been reported in the US.