We love a man in attractive eyewear, so we were very excited when Anderson Cooper announced on Live with Regis and Kelly this morning that he needs glasses. But the two choices he showed off were horrible.

We give Anderson a hard time, as you may have noticed, but he really is a handsome and distinguished man. And he'd be even more so in a nice set of specs! But the two horn-rimmed options he showed off just weren't right for him. He's going in the right direction, but as Kelly Ripa pointed out, they're just too small for his head. They make him look like a balloon that's being squeezed in the middle. Or maybe like a Mr. Potato Head with white hair. During the segment, Kelly volunteered to help him pick out a pair. We're not quite sure why, but we have a feeling that this is the great purpose for which Ms. Ripa was plunked down on this planet. Godspeed, Andy, and good luck.