The New York Post report today that the Justice Department has been calling "a handful of the country's biggest media and technology companies," to get their views on Apple. A prospect that cannot fill Steve Jobs with confidence.

That's if the bitterness of the anonymous sources the Post cites is anything to go by anyway. A 'Hollywood industry source,' pulled out his or her soapbox to declare that "you can't dictate terms to the industry. The Adobe thing is just inviting the wrath of everybody."

The Adobe thing being, of course, Jobs' aversion to using Adobe's Flash software to stream videos on any of his devices. He argues that Flash sucks. Everyone else pretty much agrees but still thinks users should have the option. Hollywood in particular is not keen to re-tool all its content for Apple.

As if that wasn't enough: according to the Post "the Justice Dept. also is asking questions about the terms that Apple lays out for computer programmers who want to develop apps for the iPad." Jobs, of course, regards his restrictions as for the good of humanity. Famously offering our Ryan Tate "freedom from porn."