How much can you learn about a person from their Facebook update? A lot, if that person is , Diane Passage, wife of alleged accused Hollywood Ponzi scheme artist Kenneth Starr. She loves to shop!

This week we met ex-stripper and current pole dancing aficionado Diane Passage. We already her idea of charity is to throw a celebrity-studded benefit pole dancing competition. And we know Starr bought her a $70,000 diamond bracelet and a $32,000 wedding band.

Today The Daily Beast details some of her ostentatious spending habits and awesome Facebook updates. She spent so much money at Alexander McQueen, for example "the salesgirls became friends who showed up at pole dancing events she hosted." It's like wherever this woman goes, money gets exchanged for intimacy. Judging from her Facebook updates, Kenneth Starr spent a lot of other people's money on her:

  • "Just got my pink diamond Detroit D from Johnny Dang!!! Amaaaaazing!!!!"
  • "is thinking about diamonds. pear-shaped."
  • "Shopping today! Zanotti, Madison Ave, Yay!"
  • "White mink, White mink, White mink."

Meanwhile, The New York Daily News details a super fun birthday party featuring the band Everclear. And they quote an insider saying ""The story of Ken Starr is simple... he was one of the world's greatest salesmen whose entire life was turned upside down by his infatuation for a stripper." What a scam.