Lady Gaga Thinks She Is Haunted By a Real Ghost

Lady Gaga buys some ghostbusting equipment. Michelle McGee strips for a cheating website. Sarah Ferguson has standards. How did Gary Coleman die? Sunday's Gossip Round up is trying to concentrate even though there's a big parade outside.

  • What is a wackier accessory than a diamond-studded Hannibal Lecter mask? How about $4,500-worth of ghost hunting gear? Lady Gaga had aides do a "spirit-seeking sweep of the backstage area" at London's O2 arena. Ghost-buster Dan Webb tipped off the Mirror after Gaga's people bought the kit from him. We hear that the spirit-seeking sweep turned up the ghost of a 17th Century pirate, who is now Gaga's fashion consultant. [Mirror]

  • Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is getting paid $500/hour to do a nude photo-shoot for the website AshleyMadison, which is a dating website for people who want to have affairs. Plus, she'll get a cut of any traffic she brings into one of the worst websites on the Internet. Maybe it's time for Brian Moylan to strip for Gawker. Pageviews! [TMZ]

  • Gary Coleman's estranged parents, Sue and Willie Coleman, have the same question most of us do: How did Gary die? All anyone knows outside of Coleman's wife is that Coleman had an "accident" at his hoem in Santaquin, Utah, leading to an intracranial hemorrhage. The cause of death is still under investigation, though the police say "there was absolutely nothing suspicious about" Coleman's death. Would sort of make sense if Coleman's wife didn't want his parents butting in, given the whole stealing-his-money thing. [People]

  • Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson was caught selling access to her ex-husband, which is pretty sleazy. But that doesn't mean she's just going to go around endorsing shampoo lines and appearing at birthday parties. Woman's got standards: Her biographer told Page Six that she turned down, among other things, a $1.46 million endorsement offer from a blue jeans company, a free condo, and a $3 million offer from a Saudi prince for sex. Good for her. [P6]

  • Former American Idol contestant Ian Benardo has challenged Dane Cook to a fight! As you remember, Benardo was the guy who grabbed the mic from Cook during the AI final. Cook insulted him on twitter, and now Benardo wants him to "come and face me in a boxing ring." Come on, Ian, if you are the one who is a dick and grabs the mic then you don't get to challenge anyone to a fight afterward. That's not how fights work! [P6]

  • Cops were called to the reunion taping for VH1's Basketball Wives after producers had an awesome idea and surprised Suzie Ketcham with a visit from her worst enemy. Ketcham threw a bucket of water on her and was arrested. [Radar]

  • It is now news when Courtney Love acts normal at a party, as she did at the Monkey Bar the other night. [P6]

  • There is going to be a big fight over Dennis Hopper's estate. Hopper had tried to divorce his wife, Victoria, but it wasn't complete by the time he died yesterday. Now things get messy. [TMZ]

  • Kanye West made some remarks about SNL in one of his songs. "Fuck 'SNL' and the whole cast." Is this the first comedy show-rapper beef in the history of hip hop? [P6]

  • Is Bret Michaels going to be the next Simon Cowell? He told some audience members that he was asked to judge on the next season of Idol, but Fox had no comment. So, probably not. [TMZ]

  • Elizabeth Edwards really doesn't want Rielle Hunter to look after her kids if she dies of cancer while John Edwards is still with Rielle. [NYDN]