It's New York's Fleet Week! We told you how to nab a sailor; this bus driver apparently heeded our advice. She met a sailor on the street and snapped a picture with him. Now she wants to find him again.

MTA bus driver Yvonne Farrington was about to start her shift, when she saw a handsome sailor on the sidewalk:

She saw "the most beautiful smile I had ever seen," she tells 1010 WINS. That smile belonged to a US Sailor who was standing on the corner of 42nd Street and 12th Avenue just before 1:30 p.m. Friday.

Farrington was in a rush to pull her bus out on time, but managed to ask the unidentified Sailor for a picture. Her dispatcher, who was pressing Farrington to get back to her job, also quickly took their picture. Unfortunately, Farrington had the camera on 'video' and was only able to recover the one picture.

Now she wants to find him and give him, uh, a copy of the picture. But she doesn't have his name or contact information. This is like the blue collar version of Subway Girl! Does anyone know who this sailor is? If anyone provides information that leads to the identification of this sailor I will send you three (3) random books that publicists sent us from the stack at Gawker HQ. Email us! But also email, since they're the ones who have Yvonne's contact info. Gawker: Your sailor love connection. [1010 WINS]