After years of trying, Celine Dion is finally pregnant. Lindsay Lohan tries to hang with a better crowd. Miley Cyrus hates Glee. Madonna saves gay Malawians. Your Memorial Day Gossip Roundup is warming up the grill.

  • Yes, it's true. Celine Dion is pregnant thanks to modern science plus ancient Chinese medicine. After six attempts at in-vitro fertilization, the 42 year-old Canadian singer is pregnant with twins. She and her husband were so desperate for babies that they actually turned to acupuncture to boost fertility. And it worked! Who knew that acupuncture could get you pregnant. Or, wait. Maybe she just slept with the acupuncturist? [People]
  • Lindsay Lohan is now trying to avoid "those people" who forced her to drink alcohol and set her up in pictures looking like she was doing cocaine. She's even hanging out with ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson again; Samantha was seen leaving her apartment Friday night. Amazing how easy it is to turn your life around after an alcohol-sniffing SCRAM bracelet has been affixed to your ankle. I kind of want one now, and I don't even have a problem with alcohol. [TMZ][Radar]
  • Poor Real Housewife of New York Bethenny Frankel: A while ago she tried to sell her wedding pictures and they went for a measly $10,000. Now she tried to sell pictures of her daughter for $100,000 but nobody jumped so she gave them for People for free. At this rate, she'll have to actually pay someone to publish pictures of her daughter's Bat Mitzvah.[P6]
  • Lost's Naveen Andrews, has broken up with actress Barbara Hershey. She was 21 years older than him. So, along with the SATC2 backlash, we can now safely say the "cougar" is no longer a viable sexual model. [People]


  • Page Six has some more details on the transgendered (?) singer Alexis Houston who was once thought to be Whitney Houston's cousin and Matt Lauer's mistress. She was born Wellington Stuart in Nassau, Bahamas. She learned to sing gospel at the church where Whitney's mother sang, but is not related to them. Her dad was apparently a famous singer in the Bahamas. [P6]
  • British singer Charlotte Church and her rugby-playing fiance Gavin Henson have broken up. This is huge in England.[News of the World]
  • Meanwhile, still in England, Lady Gaga went to a pub in Birmingham and spent two hours boozing and scribbling ideas for hats on napkins. (IDEA: A hat made completely out of bar napkins!?) While in the bar she tweeted "In a pub in England ruining bar napkins with lyrics and memories. 'Dreams are never weak like we are, drunk or sober.'" Gaga was apparently so drunk that she not only thought that was a profound statement, she also picked up everyone's tab. [DailyMail]
  • A gay Malawi couple was freed last week after being sentenced to 14 years in prison for "gross indecency and unnatural acts." Madonna protested on her website, and, because she adopted two girls from Malawi, E! thinks she probably saved them. "A Madonna Miracle?" Actually, it was probably huge international outcry and the fact that UN Secretary Ban-Ki Moon was in the country. So, look for Ban-Ki Moon to be a guest on Chelsea Lately. [E!]
  • Miley Cyrus does not like Glee. "Honestly, musical? I just can't," she said. Cyrus really likes to keep her terrible acting and cheesy music separate.