Today at Gawker.TV, Pee Wee Herman stopped by The View, ABC's True Beauty highlights the ugliest personalities in America, Drew Carey lived out of his car, and a look back at Tyra Banks' last week on daytime television.

What We Learned about Tyra Banks During her Last Week on Daytime TV
After five years, The Tyra Show and host Tyra Banks took their final bow last week. Never fear, as these moments from her final week on air prove that our beloved Tyra will won't ever change her ways.

CNN News Anchors Question Validity of Terrifying Guatemalan Sinkhole
After pondering the perfectly cylindrical sinkhole caused by heavy rainfall in Guatemala City, meteorologist, Jacqui Jeras confirmed its authenticity, then ended the segment with suspicions about underground construction. Is she hinting at a government conspiracy? Who's really behind this? Aliens?

ABC's True Beauty Sends Mixed Message on the True Meaning of Beauty
Last night was the season premiere of True Beauty on ABC. Contestants are fooled into believing they're competing to be the "face of Las Vegas," but in reality they're be judged on their inner beauty, we think... Show highlights inside.

Drew Carey Lived Out of His Car for 18 Months
Back before Drew Carey had his own sitcom or hosted The Price is Right, he rented out his home and moved from Cleveland to LA in order to get his career going. Proof that sacrifice can actually pay off professionally!

Pee Wee Herman Interviews in Character on The View
Paul Reubens appeared on The View this morning to talk about his new Broadway show. It was bizarre because he dressed in full Pee Wee garb and spoke only in character. It felt so wrong, and yet, so right.