June is busting out all over, and so is Top Chef Masters judge Gail Simmons' décolletage! So there couldn't be a better time than right now to get together and live-blog. Why not join us?

It's easy: Just turn on your TV, and post your observations on the show, as it happens, along with the rest of us. The live blog takes place in the comments section below this post, and the show starts on Bravo at 10 pm Eastern. We're down to the final two episodes of this season, so the suspense is building: Which arrogant jerk chef will be crowned "Master of the Arrogant-Jerk Chef Universe"? Find out with us!

During last week's episode, y'all proved yourselves, once again, to be masters of the live-blogging universe. A selection of commenting highlights from our last live blog are posted under this link. Other highlights from last week included these:

  • Waxman's birthday was one of the ugliest cakes we'd ever seen (click here to see a picture of it). Of course, it wasn't as ugly as Susur Lee's Marge-Simpson-head dish from earlier this season—but no edible thing in the universe will probably ever be uglier than that thing was.
  • Speaking of Waxman, we noticed that he seems a little burned out lately. As commenter BellTolls put it, "I think Jonathan's decided just to write his damn charity a check and be done with it."
  • We figured that Susan Feniger's coconut jam must have lived up to its "Aphrodite-inspired" theme, since it caused judge Gail to exclaim: "I want to be sticking my finger in it all hours of the day and night!"
  • DahlELama summed episode's outcome thusly: "Turns out lube on toast doesn't qualify as gourmet. Bye Susan!"

As for the upcoming episode, here's what the promo clips reveal is in store for tonight: First, during the quickfire challenge, each chef will have to prepare a recipe from one of the other chefs' cookbooks – which sounds like a great way to promote these guys' cookbooks, but also seems like a pretty strange basis for a contest. After all, the winner will either be really good at following somebody else's recipe, or lucky enough to get a really good recipe from somebody else—if not both.

Next, the chefs will go to L.A.'s Groundlings Theater to watch an improv-comedy routine that will (surprise!) define the terms of the elimination challenge. The only thing I found interesting about this was the word "groundlings," which I learned (via Wikipedia) refers to the commoners who paid a penny to watch Elizabethan plays from the theater's pit area. These folks—also known as "penny stinkards"—tended to throw vegetables and shout drunken, rude commentary on the proceedings. So the original groundlings were, well, kind of like us!

So on that note: Let us hie to the comments section, fellow penny-stinkards! The live-blogging hour is nigh!